Project Description

Beginning Again

Sal’s story is unique. When Sal returned back to society, it was a time when the internet was just starting up and he was able to hide his status from many people. For ten years, Sal was a professor who was an asset to the team and a hard worker before someone looked him up online and found out about his past. While the University chided him for not being upfront with them, Sal and everyone knew the truth: if he had been upfront, he would have never been hired for the position and would have never been the great employee that he was for ten years.

When his past came out, things got harder for Sal and he unjustly had to explain himself more often for a mistake he had made so long ago. While Sal got his second chance, it was taken away from him and he had to begin anew again. To hear Sal’s full story, watch his video below.

“If your concern is that returning citizens need to be ‘good citizens,’ then you need to afford them the resources and opportunities to do that.”

“You can’t change anything until you acknowledge that it’s there.”

Watch Sal’s Full Story: