Project Description


When Gary was 17 years old, he was sentenced to life in prison, but after 40 years of incarceration, the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act was put into effect and he was released early. Gary was optimistic that this was his chance; he’d been given an opportunity to correct his life and he set out to do so.

While it hasn’t been easy and he has had people who only see his criminal history, Gary is resolute in his determination to make a better life for himself. He goes to therapy so that he doesn’t fall back into old habits and it helps him to channel his anger and be respectful and courteous when someone does discriminate against him based on his past. He believes that in order for other’s to see that he truly is a changed person who has rehabilitated and moved on from his past, he must engage with them to tell his story and show them that everyone deserves a second chance.

“Regardless if I paid 40, 50, 60 years in prison, it’s a mere fact of my crime itself – they’re not forgiving.”

“I’ve been given another chance at correcting my life and I need to cease every opportunity to make that happen for myself.”

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