SEE ME FOR ME Aaliyah was incarcerated when she was just a kid. When she got out, she just wanted to be a normal kid in high school. Make friends, be popular - but it took applying to a few schools to even get in one, and when she did have a



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Beginning Again Sal's story is unique. When Sal returned back to society, it was a time when the internet was just starting up and he was able to hide his status from many people. For ten years, Sal was a professor who was an asset to the team and a hard worker



Meet Malcolm What were your expectations after release? How did your experience match up to your expectations? I expected things to be difficult after my release and return to DC. I had lost my steady, professional job after my conviction (and I had already been told I was not eligible to be rehired there,



WE NEED A CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE When Russell was released in June of 2020, he was faced with a major challenge on top of an already challenging situation: reentering society during a pandemic. Opportunities for work were even slimmer than usual and support systems were largely remote or non-existent. Russell talked about



CREATING OPEN MINDS When Margaret was released from incarceration, she quickly realized that she would be defined by most people for the rest of her life as a felon, despite her conviction only being two years out of her entire life. When Margaret's friends and family characterize her, she's a mother, a



SHARING OUR STORY IS KEY When Gary was 17 years old, he was sentenced to life in prison, but after 40 years of incarceration, the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act was put into effect and he was released early. Gary was optimistic that this was his chance; he'd been given an opportunity to

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