An Open Conversation About Reentry

On June 24th, Thrive DC & Free Minds co-hosted a panel discussion featuring three returning citizens. The conversation was free-ranging – what was it like coming home after incarceration? What supports helped you make that transition? What is it like negotiating telling someone about your status vs not telling them?

It was an open, honest, discussion of the challenges and barriers facing returning citizens when they come and have to deal the with the social stigma of their incarceration. We appreciate the vulnerability of our panelists, and thank them for their time!

To listen to the full conversation, open the video below.

“I get the idea that people coming home from prison can be scary, but none of us are scary. 180 degree turn is the best way to describe it – I want to be the best person I can to add value to my neighborhood.” – Margaret

“I was away for 17 years. Society… it was a brand new world for me. I had anxiety at McDonald’s because I didn’t know how to order the food.” – Jameon

“If you keep holding someone accountable for something that they did that was a mistake, it’s kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy.” – Aaliyah