“A Chance to Thrive” Event Launch

On June 24th from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM, join Thrive DC and Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop for the launch of our new campaign “A Chance to Thrive.”

Annually, over 3,600 people come home to the District after serving time in prison or jail. Many will have been away for years or decades, and they return to a city radically different from when they were first incarcerated.

Yet when they come home, they are often met with distrust, discrimination, and fear. So many wonder, “when will I have been punished enough?”

“At first [being a felon] was very hard. It was like a death, like the life you thought you could have you can’t have anymore. So for a long time it was sad, you have to mourn the loss of the life you could have had without this shadow over your head.” – Margaret

“A Chance to Thrive” is responding to this, challenging us to face our prejudices and create a city where everyone has a true chance to succeed.

The event will feature a panel of three returning citizens sharing their experiences after coming home. Join us to get insight into what it’s like after release from prison, ask questions to the panelists, and learn how we can make coming home a real second chance.

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