Take Action

Do you want to make an impact and help every person coming home have a second chance filled with dignity and compassion? Learn more below on how you can help give our returning citizens a chance to thrive.

The key to a sustainable life after incarceration is sustainable employment.

Are you an employer? Consider becoming part of Thrive DC’s “Gold Standard Business Network.” Make an impact by giving a second chance to someone Thrive DC stands behind and vouches for.

Click here to learn more about the Gold Standard Business Network.

Are you a landlord or someone looking to rent a room? Let someone coming home rent from you. Stable housing is the biggest ingredient to successful reentry, and our clients are committed to making their homes safe and welcoming places.

Still have anxiety? Consider working with an agency that is helping returning citizens transition back into the community. Contact us at 202-503-1531 to talk to a case manager and learn more about how to help transition returning citizens back into the community.

You will always fear the unknown. Get to know people who have different experiences. Find a volunteer program to get to know people from these different backgrounds and find out how much you have in common.

Check out Thrive DC: www.thrivedc.org/volunteer

Do you remember what it’s like to go to college and not know anyone, or move to a new town and have zero connections? It’s intimidating and difficult to make new relationships and build a support network.

If you have the opportunity, invite a returning citizen into your book group, neighborhood meetings, or yoga class. Get to know them as your neighbor in the community – you never know if you’ll make a new friend!